Originally posted on facebook in april 2015 On the colonization of our people.
My third statement, that I had during dear sister Ilyasah’s talk has come back to me. That is that this place called “America” has never been barren land. It’s closer to barren land now, full of concrete jungles, locked doors and loaded guns, than it ever was before english and spanish colonization, but it was never barren. 
From the Wampanoag, Narragansett, Nipmuc, Mohawk and Onondaga Nations in the regions near where you spoke with these rivers and forests to the Tetuton and Great Plains people people in a land with buffalo and sun to the Cherokee to the Dine people with the great mountains and deserts to the further south Maya, Olmec, Aztec, who built great pyramids to the hundreds of different people who lived in between. 
The continent of Turtle Island, specifically the place now called Western Massachusetts after the great Massasoit, is one of the most agriculturally rich, fertile places in the world. This land is full. 
How can you speak of the Jewish Holocaust and not the Holocaust of the First Nations people? Sure, it was Africans who were kidnapped, separated from our families and forced to lay the roads, clear the forests and cultivate food, but it was the Indigenous people whose lives and languages and bodies were displaced so there was a physical space to bring Africans in the first place!
In the same way and by the same culture whose leaders shot Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Aiyana Stanley – Jones, Crazy Horse – who was such an unstoppable warrior that he had to be tricked into coming onto a reservation before they attempted to throw him in jail – was stabbed him in the back. 
During King Phillips War they cut off the head of Metacomet and after displaying it for weeks, buried it separately from his body. 
Harriet Tubman ran the underground railroad, and Sitting Bull brought his whole camp of people to Canada to survive. 
To mention the Jewish Holocaust and the African Holocaust without naming the Indigenous Holocaust is a failure. 
The land was cleared by the blood of the enslaved African people, but the LAND was stolen during the Indigenous Holocaust. 
I am sorry I did not say all of this earlier – but it just came back to me. 
Our people have both suffered at the hands of the colonizers. And yes, there is a specific anti-black racism that we are fighting, and yes, we are declaring that Black Lives Matter. We are also remembering and re-learning the history of our people that has been stolen from us, and we cannot leave out any of it. 
no shade, just memory and love towards liberation. 

V{link•on::ASK 2015



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