Black Panther Party organizer Albert Woodfox is released after 43 years in solitary confinement 

Friday Feb. 19, 2016•On his 69th birthday Albert Woodfox was released from prison. 

He was a member of the Black Panther Party and later became known as one of the Angola 3 along with Herman Wallace and Robert King. In prison the three were targeted (like the Soledad brothers) for their philosophies and ideology. The three helped organize food strikes and actions while in prison to protest the conditions in the jail. The three were also in solitary confinement for almost the entirety of their stay in prison.
  Robert King was released in 2001. Herman Wallace was released in 2013 but died two days after his release.
Mr. Woodfox spoke about the claustrophobia and anxiety attacks that he now suffers from his 43 years of torture, and says that he was able to maintain his sanity by keeping up with current events, reading and talking to himself to maintain.
Other US political prisoners still behind bars due to their involvement with the struggle for black, african/indigenous liberation include Mumia Abu-Jamal (34 years), Leonard Peltier (40 years) and Assata Shakur who has been in exile in Cuba since 1979. 
Mr. Woodfox returned to New Orleans.  


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