B1M: BARBADOS DODDS: The White Colonial Ruler’s (the queen’s) Prison. WE NEED HELP!

originally posted at NakedDeparture.com, an anonymous site for Bajans to air their grievances. The following is a letter that was smuggled out of Dodds prison, the new Canadian owned private prison in St. Philip. It was built fashioned after US prisons after inmates burned down the old jail in St. Michael.  It was posted last Friday.


BARBADOS DODDS:  The White Colonial Ruler’s (the queen’s) Prison.   WE NEED HELP!

Naked, This letter is being sneaked out of DODDS and for you to publish.  As a remand inmate of HMP, I wish to bring to your attention the high level of corruption, depravity, unfairness and problems we as remand inmates are facing.  One is inhumane treatment where we are being seriously underfed.  We remand inmates are given ONE salt bread at 3 p.m. and that is supposed to keep our hunger until 9 a.m. the following day.  This is an 18-hour spam on just one bread.  Our midday diet is consisted of three, small, ice-cream-scoops of rice and little gravy.  Every night we remand inmates are going to sleep hungry with headaches.  Our families are paying taxes.  Where is it going.  Our families are bringing things for us to eat and are being told by the prison officers with guns to leave the premises.  We remand inmates are being unfaired and victimized.  And we are asking for help.  Our families are coming and leave money for us and when we get our financial property check our money is short.  Or it isn’t there at all.  And when we ask where is our money it cannot be accounted for.  Where is it?  The management of this prison is telling us the prison is no longer self-sufficient and they have to wait on the government for money.  And the reason our families can’t bring any parcels for us is because they, meaning the prison, want to stop illegal drugs and cell phones from coming into the prison.  But yet still they are finding large amounts of illegal drugs and cell phones.  It can’t be our families because they are not allowed to bring parcels for us.  So why are these things still being found in the prison.  This is more than five months that we have not had any deodorant or tooth paste to use.  Right now we don’t even have any soap to bathe with.  This is also more than five months that we have not had canteen.  Even getting sunlight is a problem.  We are being deprived of things that we are entitled to and this is wrong and against our rights.  The worse part about all of this is that they don’t want us to tell or let our families know how we are being treated or what is going on in here.  And if we do, they are putting us on solitary confinement.  Even this letter could get me in trouble.  But if these problems we are having in HMP are allowed to continue, they can cause serious repercussions.  So we are begging the public to please HELP US.  WE ARE SUFFERING.

hmp-dodds-95x60P.S.  An inmate had a tooth pulled and the prison dentist put her foot on his chest for leverage to pull that man’s tooth.  When he left prison, his mother and girlfriend walked right passed him…boney, gaunt and bleached from no sun.  They did not recognize him!  Cruel shit happening up in here.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

Dodds Prison Barbados, NakedDeparture
Blackman at Dodds Jump Kicked My Son, NakedDeparture


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