#UnitedWeFight | Welcome to Black August

IMG_8295M I K E  B R O W N  M E A N S  W E  G O T  T O  F I G H T  B A C K
a u g u s t   9

BLACK AUGUST: Stolen Future of Mike Brown
Workshops and Reflection/Discussion on the 1 year anniversary of the assassination of Mike Brown
11 am – 5 pm
100 Cave Hill Road
Leverett, MA
Hosted by BLM413 & Orange Ink at the New England Peace Pagoda
#unitedwefight #blacklivesmatter #blackaugust

Join us tomorrow, Sunday, August 9th as we gather in unity to reflect on where we are at, one year after Mike Brown’s murder. There will be a potluck following the discussion, please bring something to share if you are able.

RSVP Facebook | #BLM413

So. Black folks are still getting killed every few hours for daring to breathe and exist in this country, here are some our most recent to join the ancestors: Amber Monroe & Christian Taylor
We carry your names, family.

Today Bernie Sanders, Presidential Candidate from VT was shut down in Seattle by Black Lives Matter activists. Bernie, it’s not enough to talk about ending the war in Iraq and the economy, when will you talk about white supremacy, homes?
Until then it’s pretty much a no go.
Black Lives Matter Protesters Shut Down Bernie Sanders Rally

Our organizers are amazing.
Listen to their stories:

This week, Lesley McSpadden, Mike Brown’s mother gave an exclusive interview to AlJazeera about the one year anniversary of her son’s assassination and reminded the world that she will never forgive what they did to her child. We won’t either.

There is no Black Liberation without the liberation of our indigenous brothers and sisters but folks can’t co – opt movements so maybe use another hashtag, y’all. We stand together still.

Remember the beginning. The first days of the Ferguson Uprising.

TV isn’t real life. And Bill Cosby is a serial Rapist.

But there is still a different response when the rapist is white. Not cool, America.

In case anyone needed a reminder of what a KKK rally looks like.
Here it is.
Also, #stonemountain happened.
And a reminder that white officers don’t feel threatened for their lives even when white people literally pull out guns on them:

Black Lives Matter is global.
Ask Future.
In the U.S. though, it’s hard to tell if the presidential candidates are really #GOPorKKK We’re still asking questions.

The Allied Media Conference in Detroit was dope, and the first convening of Black Lives Matter organizers. Check it.
And Cleveland’s Movement for Black Lives Convening was even better. #M4BL

White allies take note. Do more than required. (What’s required is white supremacy.)

Support our trans family. It’s pretty basic, actually. This thing called respect. Practice it.
Also don’t erase revolutionaries voices from history and replace them with white men. It’s actually bullshit.

Straight outta….

Black liberation. Still.


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