Angela Davis | La Toma Appeal

Join the Movement | Black Lives Matter & The Afro Colombian Solidarity Network have launched a fundraising campaign to support the community of La Toma in their fight for freedom

I am an Afro-Colombian woman. I was born in one of the mountains of the province of Cauca, one of the worst hit by the war in this country.  My ancestors were enslaved in order to mine and farm for the Spanish crown, which to this very day maintains its reign.

For many years we have lived with our campesino and indigenous brothers and sisters, without conflict; nonetheless, this systematic war has always beaten us down.  First there was colonization, the so-called “conquest”, which was nothing but the pillage of the wealth of these lands.

Then there was also a so-called “independence”, but in reality it was only the dividing of spoils left behind by the Spaniards. That is to say, it was a distribution of spoils amongst the heirs of the Spanish crown, which in this country added up to no more than 10 families, the same ones that still control this country today, and who benefit from the war.

Not a day goes by when I don’t ask myself:  “Do the lives of Afro-descendant, indigenous, and campesino communities matter for this country?””
excerpt from The Situation That Eats Away At Me, a letter from Francia Marquez
read the full letter at

Donate now to support the movement for life and territory on GoFundMe


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