On All Lives Matter

By Stickii Quest

If all lives matter there would be a national response to the slaying of black people but instead they are worried about what flag waves not how to stop the race fed killing of black people in this country.

And what’s so wrong with people having pride in who they are even when for their entire lives they were told and shown that they are the lowest of the low and don’t deserve even the most basic standards of human life.

Why is it so threatening to you that there is a whole movement to tell the world that we know and believe that our lives matter regardless of our treatment?

Our movement focuses on all the aspects of the system that oppress us and we move to destroy them not just because it hurts black people but because it hurts all of us.

When has anyone in an official #BlackLivesMatter capacity told you your life doesn’t matter?

We understand the important of every person’s freedom and quality of life we just refuse to do so without Black lives beings taken into consideration and being at the forefront of this movement.

No one said all lives don’t matter – we just have to keep saying that ours do because clearly the rest of the world doesn’t seem to care. By standing behind the phrase “all lives matter” you will continue to undermine our struggle and cause more division by trying to silence and discredit the work of black revolutionaries which is something this country has been doing for as long as it has been around – making money and gaining power directly from the diaspora and exploitation of black people and the genocide of the indigenous of this land.

So – when a white person says all lives matter it is a direct act of violence.



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