Third World Takeover: Marcus Alexander, Batallones Femininos & Nestora Salgado

Vanessa W. Lynch @drvonskillet | April 17, 2014

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Third World Takeover, filling in for Tan Cerca Tan Lejos – A Voice of Mexico In The US

This week we heard interviews from artists and organizers in Barbados and in Mexico. First is Marcus Alexander, designer and labour rights organizer who speaks on the current state of the Barbados economy and shares his thoughts on Black Lives Matter. In the second half of the show we hear an interview with Obeja Negra and Daniela Villanueva of Batallones Femeninos, a feminist hip hop collective from Cuidad Juarez. The interview was recorded 4 months ago at the First World Festival of Resistances and Rebellions against Capitalism. The group share their thoughts on Femicide, Women in Hip Hop, and the Free All Political Prisoners; Nestora Salgado campaign. Springfield No One Leaves organizer Roberto Garcia – Ceballos calls in to discuss the interview and speak to why it was important for him to make the trip to Mexico and share these stories.

To hear other music from Batallones Femininos and see what they’re up to check them on soundcloud and facebook.


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