#ReclaimMLK – Speech on Dr. King Day 2015


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I came here today because I also have a dream. More than a dream – I have a vision. I have an idea – This idea is a very simple one. It consists of freedom. It consists of equality. It consists of the idea that not only can we as Black & Brown people walk down the street without getting shot dead, but that the systems and ideology of Capitalism and White Supremacy that foster such conditions where our deaths become normalized is abolished.

To me, the question is not, “Could Ferguson Happen Here” because it already has. No, I do not know of anyone who has been recently killed by Northampton police, but I think of my brother Yeshaq who was stopped multiple times and now awaits in a jail cell. I think of my brother Ayyub who was criminalized for the dual sins of being Black and Muslim…

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