July 18 Speak Out in Solidarity with the Palestinian Struggle for Justice

Altar, memorial to honor lives lost
Altar to honor lives lost, memorial in Northampton MA

Join us again for a rally and march
in solidarity with the people of Palestine

on Friday June 18 at 7pm
Northampton Town Hall

Details on facebook

Stand out in solidarity with Palestine

Over 20 people came out today in answer to the call of standing in solidarity with the people of Palestine during the most recent attacks by the settler state of Israel.  Organizers from Code Pink, The International Socialist Organization, Western MA Peace Committee, Western Mass Coalition with Palestine and various other people came forward.

We made memorials and did a short march through downtown Northampton to honor the lives lost and those who are still resisting.

Since late June when three Israeli teens went missing, Israel has been massacring the people of Gaza and the West Bank in revenge, going so far as to declare that “the entire Palestinian people is the enemy”. (Israeli Lawmaker calls for genocide, ei | attack on gaza, dn)

Israeli rockets, airstrikes have been bombing Gaza for days, including an attack on refugee camps and hospitals. (Israeli forces kill 14, leave 80 wounded, eihospital)

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Zionist supporters have taken the loss of three Israeli lives to once again accelerate the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians it began in 1948 when the colonial state of Israel formed.

Over 100 Palestinians so far have been killed and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a news conference today “No International pressure will prevent us from operating with full force against a terrorist organization that calls for our destruction.” (mlive) The attacks continue with no signs of letting up.

Israel is the number one recipient of U.S. foreign aid and to date has received at least $121 billion dollars(congressional report). U.S. media plays a key role in upholding the state of Israel’s narrative that devalues Palestinian lives and uses racist ideology to garner support.

We will continue to stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine and pray that the violence will soon end.
Until the time that it does we will brainstorm, organize, march and use our power to continue to stand with the people of Palestine against the inhumane and illegal occupation of Palestine and against the oppressive forces of Israel, the U.S. and its supporters.

Join us on 7/18
Northampton Town Hall

For more information or if you would like to speak please contact us:

– Email drm09drm09@gmail.com with questions//thoughts
– RSVP to the facebook event & stay connected | Speak Out In Solidarity With the Palestinian Struggle for Justice

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Current News on the Attack on Gaza, Palestine

#GazaUnderAttack , #FreePalestine

End Apartheid, End Colonization, Free Palestine

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