Whether tis better to crouch low and keep my eyes trained on the ground where you left my ancestors bodies but then hit my head on your low hanging ceilings…

Ceilings of how far up i can trace my lineage
I’m black and red but my history stops at white

This Native African American suffocates in the suffix
you say I am American yet tell me what I American and American’t do

I’d love to say I’m through with you
but you’ve stolen that right too

The only thing I know of my people is that they told stories

Stories told clothed in oral tradition
and unless the document’s fiction

With my rights as written
my freedom to speak shall

Unlike my earth, air, water you stole and sold it shall remain free
and as my ancestors escape through my mouth they are finally free

Free through me

Xinef Afriam D-Agnos

written and performed during the Open Mic at the
Anti-Colonial Thanksgiving 
at Smith
organized by Smith Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)


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