Islamophobia: The Post-9/11 Targeting of Muslims and the US Surveillance State

Organized by
Orange Ink &
The International Socialist Alliance (ISO) Amherst

Justice for Ayyub and the Fight Against Islamophobia, @drvonskillet

Thursday, December 5th
UMass Amherst Campus Center
Room 917

Islamophobia: The Post-9/11 Targeting of Muslims and the US Surveillance State
A panel discussion to address the profiling of Arabs and Muslims and to Free Ayyub Abdul Alim


Sofia Arias , ISO Boston, Anti-war activist
Lynne Jackson, co-founder of Project SALAM (Support and Legal Advocacy for Muslims)
Zaid, Masjid Al Tawheed & Springfield Resident


 This panel discussion is organized in conjunction with Justice for Ayyub, The International Socialist Organization and Orange Ink as part of the efforts to free Ayyub from prison and engage the community in conversation around issues of racism, Islamophobia and the Prison Industrial Complex.

Who is Ayyub Abdul-Alim?

“In December of 2011, I was targeted and arrested on a fabricated weapons charge less than five minutes after closing my store, ‘Natures Garden,’ by the Springfield Police Department in collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). I have been incarcerated against my will at the Hampden House of Corrections for approximately two years pending trial – despite the fact that I have police recordings revealing I was searched and cleared of any weapons and then forcibly strip searched and probed sexually in view of the public. Most importantly, I have been offered exoneration of the aforementioned fabricated charges, prior to being arraigned in Springfield Court, at the Springfield police station (by the FBI and Springfield police) – only if I agreed to become an informant against my will to spy on the Muslim community.” Excerpt from a letter written by Ayyub

Justice for Ayyub came together as a group that meets weekly to support Ayyub Abdul – Alim, a local business owner from Springfield who was falsely imprisoned and has been in jail for over 2 years in the Ludlow prison.

On November 15th there will be a vigil outside the Hampden County Courthouse in Springfield to support Ayyub as he goes to court for his pre-trial. At 8:30 we will gather to stand with Ayyub and to show the judge and court system that the community supports Ayyub in the struggle for his freedom. If you are at all interested in visiting Ayyub, coming to the rally, making a donation or lending support in any way please like the facebook page and stay updated with events we are organizing :

Targeted by the FBI to work as an informant.
Framed by police to force him to comply.
Facing 15 years for keeping his dignty.

Find out more about Ayyub’s case:
 Justice for Ayyub on Facebook
Justice For Ayyub, Dave Wood
The Story of Patience, Sheldon Alexander
Artists for Ayyub, Vanessa Lynch

Please join us in the fight against Islamophobia and to get Justice for Ayyub!

Vanessa Lynch


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